Beginner drum lessons online!

Drum Ambition is providing beginner drum lessons to the online community, and is raising the bar in online drum education. Since the launch of the website in January 2016, Drum Ambition has attracted aspiring drummers from all over the world, with it’s structured curriculum, free trial-lessons, multi-angle video presentations, downloadable sheet music, and full support.


As regular readers to our blog will know, the service was created by San Diego Drum Lessons Founder, Simon DasGupta. Commenting on the first three months, Simon reflected: “It’s been a great three months. What pleases me the most is the feedback from our customers suggests that we are offering a unique educational experience that is ticking all the boxes. We’ve had some great comments and suggestions too, and are working on implementing some great enhancements. We want to offer the best educational product for beginner drummers available online, and will never stop working to enhance the experience”.

There’s plenty of value-added content for non-subscribers too. The Drum Ambition blog is updated every week, and offers some great insight into topics of interest to beginner and hobbyist drummers; from buying your first drum set, to motivational messages and practical solutions to the challenges faced by all aspiring drummers.

Drumming For Good, Drum Ambition’s social charter, has also been active since the company’s launch. So far, donations have been made to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (US), Cancer Research UK and ActiveAid – a charity operating in 45 different countries. A donation was also recently made to the Marvin Elementary School Parent/Teacher Foundation, right here in San Diego.

In addition to building a community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Drum Ambition can now also be found on Pinterest. If you have any questions on whether this service would be a good fit for you or a beginner drummer in your family, please email

Simon DasGupta.

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