Drum Ambition online drum lessons – launching this month.

San Diego Drum Lessons Founder Simon DasGupta is delighted to announce that Drum Ambition will be launching in January 2016.

Drum Ambition is an online video drum lesson service tailored specifically for beginner drummers, and features hours of structured video content with on-screen music notation, downloadable sheet music for lessons, accompanying audio files, blogs and news articles – all delivered on a dedicated interactive website.

Drum Ambition was originally scheduled to roll out in September 2015. On the subject of the initial delay, Simon commented “It will definitely be worth the wait. What members will see is the result of 14 months of production, fine tuning and a care and attention to detail that I believe is unparalleled at this level. We could have launched in September, but our desire to get it right and our uncompromising approach towards usability meant that we had to take more time then originally planned. The result is something in which the entire Drum Ambition team is very proud of”.

The site will be launched at the end of January. If you would like to sign up for launch details, please visit the Drum Ambition website. In the meantime, you can view sample content on our Vimeo page, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions relating to Drum Ambition, please email support@drumambition.com.


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