Simon DasGupta is launching Drum Ambition this September.

San Diego Drum Lessons owner and instructor Simon DasGupta is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of his online drum lessons website; Drum Ambition (TM).

Projected to launch in September 2015, Drum Ambition aims to bring Simon’s teaching style and message to a global audience. Through a series of superbly produced HD video lessons, Drum Ambition will offer exceptional value and the benefits of working with a single teacher, in a methodical and structured format. There are a few extras too, that we want to keep under wraps until the launch, so watch this space.

Commenting on Drum Ambition; Simon DasGupta said “It is extremely exciting to see Drum Ambition finally coming to fruition. The idea was conceptualized over two years ago, and the time is now right to diversify into the online lesson audience. Make no mistake though: San Diego Drum Lessons is still my number one priority, and the launch of this service, which has been in the development stages for several months now, will not at all detract from my primary focus: one on one drum lessons”.

When asked if online drum lessons can really act as a substitute for sitting in the same room as a teacher, Simon had clear views on this: “Online drum lessons are perfect for students who want to experiment online before making the commitment to a local teacher. They are also perfect as a supplement to working with a teacher, and offer a service to those who may not have physical access to a local teacher. Is it the same as sitting one on one? – no; nothing beats that. It is simply providing the option to people where it is not viable, for a variety of reasons, to visit a teaching studio. It will also fulfill the role or providing structured, methodical content within an internet community that, in my opinion, has become saturated with intimidating and confusing content. We need to change that and make drumming accessible and understandable to everyone”.

Drum Ambition is supported by Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Protection Racket Cases, Audix Microphones, Vic Firth Sticks and Meinl Percussion. We already have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts – and are currently working on our YouTube and Vimeo sites. Check out these social media sites to see great photographs of our production shoots!

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