Useful blog topics for beginner drummers

If you are a beginner drummer and are considering online drum lessons or working with a drum teacher, there are many questions that you may have about starting out. On our sister website Drum Ambition, we have a dedicated online platform available for student drummers that might not be able to visit our studio, or would prefer to learn the drums from home.


One of the many features of this ground breaking new platform is the blog. Each week, Simon DasGupta (Founder of both Drum Ambition and San Diego Drum Lessons) updates a new feature specifically for beginner and hobbyist drummers. To help identify what might be useful for you, we have compiled a list of the top Drum Ambition blog posts.

Many beginner drummers have questions regarding technique, music notation, drum equipment and practice recommendations. Some need a little motivation or just some help to get them through a plateau. Drum Ambition offers this advice free of charge to everyone – members and non-members alike. Furthermore, Simon always avails himself by email should you need any advice on anything you might read in one of our blogs. Just email

Members of Drum Ambition receive all of the full-service benefits, including unlimited access to all lesson videos on all devices, downloadable sheet music, audio-files, structured curriculum, weekly exclusive email with practice tips and insight, and full support. You can try Drum Ambition free today, and see if it is a good fit for you.

Drum Ambition is also active within the community at large. Since it’s launch in January 2016, our Drumming For Good Program has made it’s first quarter donations to various charitable organizations, and you can read the full details here.

If you are interested in beginning drum lessons, whether online or in our San Diego Drum Studio, please contact us today!

Simon DasGupta.

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